Papular Urticaria – Causes & Remedies

Papular Urticaria – What Causes It?

Papular urticaria is another common skin problem that is triggered by insect bites which causes a hypersensitive reaction to the skin. Fleas, mosquitoes, bedbugs and other insects are usually the main culprits of this urticaria skin problem which affects children more than it does adults.

During the months of summer and autumn, papular urticaria can occur on the skin in the form of itchy red spots. You may find these rashes on your face and legs and at times in small clusters across your body. The good news is that this skin problem can be safely eradicated with the use of natural and effective remedies that are easy to apply. This condition may not be considered a very serious one, but still, it does require proper treatment.

Before giving examples of natural remedies it’s useful to know a few things about the possible causes of papular urticaria that you may have overlooked. Even though the main cause is coming into contact with insect bites there are more factors that can help you decide it’s underlying causes.

This is important as it can help you find the most appropriate and suitable treatment for the skin problem. Check out the following possible causes of papular urticaria beginning with the most common as we have mentioned above already:

• Reaction of insect bites- Some of the most common causes of papular urticaria is from insect bites. Usually, the insect bites are from mosquitoes, fleas, bedbugs and many other kinds of insects. This skin condition affects all races, male and female but mostly children. Eventually as children grow the urticaria can lessen.

• Genetic factors- Another reason why papular urticaria can occur is because of genetic factors. Sufferers from this urticaria may experience the symptoms not because of an insect bite reaction, but it could be genetically related. If you experience this skin condition and it was not caused by any insect bites, then most likely, it is genetic. Do some research into your family history and find out.

• Emotional agitation-Emotional turmoil could also trigger the said skin condition. Individuals with extreme emotional disturbance are easily prone to the occurrence of  urticaria skin problems. For example, cholinergic urticaria can be developed through stress.

• Digestive disorders- Individuals who suffer from digestive problems could also trigger skin problems. Check your diet, are you eating foods that can have a strong reaction to your skin which can cause a rash?

• Allergic reaction from pets- If you own pets like cats and dogs make sure they are treated with flea powder and have flea collars. Fleas and mites live on these pets and the common cat is said to be surrounded by up to 18,000 fleas at one time. Insects are the primary cause of this skin condition so make sure your pets are clean and domesticated.

Aside from the causes, it is also necessary to be aware of the symptoms of papular urticaria. This is essential so that you can identify if you are really suffering from the said skin condition. There are so many urticaria conditions that share the same symptoms, so at times; it would be difficult to know what exactly the skin problem is that you are actually suffering from.

Papular Urticaria Symptoms:

• Red skin- The occurrence of red itchy bumps on the skin is one of the visible symptoms of papular urticaria. When you experience redness in your skin, which does not normally occur, most probably, you are suffering from papular urticaria. Although there could be other conditions that can cause red skin, try and ask to be diagnosed by your doctor. This way you can find out if the redness of your skin might actually be from other reactions like food allergies or medication.

• Skin itching- Skin itching is a symptom of a wide variety of mild to serious conditions. With papular urticaria, skin itching is commonly caused by insect bite reactions. Sufferers may experience mild to extreme itchiness. It’s very difficult not to scratch the spots, which can over time become crusted and get infected – they are then extremely sore. Many times one new spot can trigger all the old ones to emerge again and itch causing you discomfort. The red spots can remain for some days, even a few weeks some times and they can leave stubborn scars or marks, especially if you have scratched them deeply through frustration which is very understandable.

These are the common symptoms of papular urticaria. These symptoms can also be symptoms of other skin conditions, so it is vital to consult a physician for proper diagnosis. This is necessary so that you can truly determine if you really are suffering from papular urticaria, or if you have a different skin condition or problem like cholinergic or cold urticaria for instance.

After being aware of the causes and symptoms of the skin condition, the next step is to be knowledgeable of the possible treatments and remedies in order to overcome the problem.

Papular Urticaria - Natural Treatment Program
Papular Urticaria 100% Natural Treatment

One natural treatment we recommend is by Dr Levin. A specialist in the treatment of urticaria and hives. He has spent nearly over 30 years researching and studying the subject of urticaria and hives and his natural treatment program covers many forms of urticaria including papular urticaria. Many of his patients have reported a difference in a matter of months trying his special vitamin diet and natural health drink.

There are many treatments that you can apply, Dr Levin’s approach is just one of them, in order to alleviate and treat your skin condition.

It’s always best to opt for natural remedies because they are effective and safe to apply. Even if you have extra sensitive skin, these home remedies below should not cause you any negative side effects. But as a precaution always remember that your skin condition is unique to you and it can depend on a variety of factors for these remedies to work for you. Be patient and test to see the outcomes.

Natural Remedies For Papular Urticaria:

• Herbal teas-Herbal teas are also very effective in treating papular urticaria. The most effective herbal teas to consume are parsley or peppermint. These herbal remedies can help alleviate the itchiness and redness symptoms of the skin infection.

• Peppermint oil- Peppermint oil is best taken orally, as it instantly provides fast relief for papular urticaria.

• Prevention of food that could trigger the problem- It is necessary that you are aware of the possible foods that could trigger the skin condition. Make a note of the foods you consume and which ones are actually increasing the discomfort of your skin.

• Table salt and water- Simply mix table salt with water and consume the solution. This remedy could minimize the skin problem and it could provide relief.

• Hot and cold compress- Hot and cold compress could also aid in treating papular urticaria. Spend some time everyday by applying hot or cold compress to the affected areas of your skin. Make sure you use clean towels. It would be better if you can take a warm bath to help alleviate the itchiness and discomfort caused by the skin problem.

• Water with turmeric powder- Another easy and simple home remedy is water with turmeric powder. Drink a glass of this solution at least once a day until the symptoms gradually start to disappear.

• Essential oils- One of the most popular and effective essential oils to treat this skin problem is chamomile. Simply apply the oil in the affected skin area and the itchiness and redness of your skin  should gradually alleviate.

These are some of the most suitable and effective natural remedies for papular urticaria. These treatments can easily be found at home and are very safe and practical.

Now the following prevention measures can also be taken and although not all of them are 100% natural they can be effective to control the skin condition of papular urticaria;

  • When itchy spots begin to appear.  Topical steroid cream can be applied to the affected areas on your skin.
  • Antihistamine tablets during night time could help with intense itching.
  • Antiseptic cream can be used on spots if they get infected.
  • Clean the house of insects especially your living room where you may have pets lying around. You can use a kennel along with carpet spray which has pyrethroid, then you should vacuum . There are many insect repellents available, research which ones are environmentally and pet friendly and try them.
  • Keep pets mostly outside if you can, especially if you are starting to see symptoms.

Try and choose the methods that work best for you and apply them. One or the other should make a difference to your papular urticaria prevention.

Remember you can always check if Dr Levin’s Natural Treatment program is able to help you by visiting the site below;

As soon as you are knowledgeable about this skin problem, it  becomes easier for you to find relief from it. You do not need to suffer endlessly from this problem because there are many alternative remedies that you can apply to overcome papular urticaria.

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  1. And also i would like to know whether Papular urticaria can lead a person to have the problems of either high blood pressure or low blood pressure?

    • Having this sort of condition can
      create fluctuating blood pressure.
      Because your immune system is
      continually adapting and trying
      to deal with it on a ongoing basis.

      And you have to take into account any
      medications you are taking as well.

      Hope this helps


  2. Am a Tanzanian i have been disturbed by papular urticaria for three years now, the condition became more serious when i shifted from Dar es salaam to Babati where the climatic condition is cold for a long period of the year, so my question is cold condition can also be the source of it?.For now am attending skin clinic after a certain period however some time my condition tend to be bad and some time tend to be good

    • Hello, Arcado

      Moving from a warm climate to a colder
      one can have an impact on your immune
      system overall as your body temperature
      has to adapt to the newer climate and
      get used to it.

      I don’t think the cold can can be a
      direct source of the problem but it
      may be related slightly to what I’ve
      explained above.


  3. Hai i have ds problem always i am using tablet cetrizine but again and again it will come mostly in winter plz suggest Iam planning to go to homeopatic treatment is it ok plz reply

    • Hello, Tabassum

      Be careful when using any type of prescribed
      tablets. Cetrizine does come with side effects.

      Before you take any alternative treatment always
      consult your doctor and tell your family members
      what you are planning to do so they are fully aware.

      It’s very important that you find out if your
      homeopathic practitioner has a good level
      of experience and a good success rate of
      treating other patients with hives or similar
      conditions before you decide anything.

      Hope this helps


  4. My 2 year old son was diagnosed with papular urticaria last year. I have been struggling with not only getting his bumps to heal but to keep the insects away from him. I live in south Texas so Mosquitos Are really bad, fleas have been really bad lately and He also is allergic to fire ants. It seems like everywhere we go he breaks out in these big bites in clusters and some turn boil like. Topical steroid does not work, topical Benadryl, caladryl, and even antibiotic creams have not subsided the itching or helped them go away, I’ve tried oatmeal baths, baking powder, hemeopathic ointment,And other anti itch cream. Now it’s been a month since his bad breakout and my son probably has Over 50 sores All over his little body and even more scars. He doesn’t sleep at night and the doctors don’t have any answers other than keep applying cream and keep bug spray on him. It does not work. I want my son to be a normal boy and be able to go outside and play like regular kids. Instead I have to make sure there’s no animals and douse him in big spray which still doesn’t work. My son will not have a normal life unless I can figure out how to prevent this. His body will be covered in scars by the time he goes to school.

    • Hello, Ryan

      Please check your e-mail.

      We have provided details on
      how you can contact Dr Levin.

      Your son is going through
      a terrible experience but
      he should eventually come
      out of this phase.

      Have you considered using
      a diet high in vegetables,
      fruits, whole grains,
      and low in saturated fat?

      A strong healthy immune system
      could possibly help counteract
      potential fleas and mosquito bites.

      We hope this helps.


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