Natural Cholinergic Urticaria & Hives Treatment

If you have cholinergic urticaria, also known more commonly as hives or any other related condition and are looking for a 100% natural treatment plan then we hope we can help you with our useful tips and  recommended resources. Our aim is to give you as much information as possible so that you can make a clear and informed choice when deciding on a solution for yourself and your particular urticaria problem. Having a skin problem like this can make you feel really down and can deflate your ego.

But don’t be disheartened, you should try to be patient and try not to focus too much on the negative aspects. Being negative will stop you from finding a solution and will ultimately isolate you.

Hopefully with the information provided for you here, you can be finally get rid of your hives or at least control it to an extent that you feel comfortable with.

Every individual is very different and it depends on your own unique biological chemistry for any natural remedies to work and which type of urticaria you are going through.

The natural solutions we are suggesting here and which you can find further down below can also be used alongside a  natural treatment plan we recommend by Dr Gary M. Levin. It’s a tried and tested urticaria, hives and angioedema program which is working remarkably well for his patients.

Dr Gary M. Levin is a M.D. and surgeon who runs his own clinic in the U.S. His research is based on real long-term studies from patients with hives and urticaria related problems. In fact he’s been treating these  patients for over 30 years now.

His in-depth research is what made him develop his natural treatment program that’s helped many ordinary people just like you overcome their urticaria problems naturally, safely and successfully. You could be rid of that soreness, itching and embarrassing redness in a matter of months.

It’s a real chance for you to lead a normal life without everybody staring at you in public all the time. It’s difficult to deal with as you are just as normal as everyone else. Visit the site below if you would like to know more about Dr Levin’s treatment.

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Please keep in mind this is not the only treatment we are suggesting. After researching many possibilites and natural solutions we have found that adding “supplements” to your diet containing certain vitamins can also help ease the inlammation of different types of urticaria. We go into more specifics further down below on what types of vitamins you need in your daily diet that can really help you.

Before going any further it’s important to understand the background of urticaria related skin conditions. Why does it happen and what are it’s causes? How do they affect you and what types of natural remedies are available so you can be free from it permanently?

Cholinergic Urticaria is just one of many “multiple conditions” that affects the skin. These skin conditions are also referred to as hives, and the good news is that this skin problem can be dealt with quickly. It’s just a matter of time trying to figure out which type of urticaria you actually have. This is a  condition that causes hypersensitivity within the immune system in response to exposure to heat, cold and food sensitivity which leaves individuals with a hives reaction and red patches on the skin, for example you could be suffering from cold urticaria as a result.

The Different Types of “Urticaria” You May Be Going Through:

The following are various forms of this skin problem and we’ve tried to simplify things so you can identify and understand your problem more quickly. Please be aware there are many more conditions and different definitions for these terms. This is just a basic guideline you can use.

Cholinergic Urticaria:

spicy foodsEating certain types of spicy  foods can often cause a sudden reaction. Physical activity like intensive running, gym workouts.  These are things that can trigger a breakout.physical activity

Stress from anxiety or work pressure and having really hot baths and showers can cause sweat hypersensitivity.

Although these are day to day activities they affect anyone suffering from CU and overtime it does become very hard to cope with. Management and planning your day is a challenge as you have to choose very carefully what you eat and how you treat your body physically.  Even walking can sometimes bring out a rash. Sometimes CU is also called “heat urticaria” or “physical urticaria”.

Cold Urticaria;

cold induced urticaria weatherCold temperatures and air coming into contact with skin. Cold water, washing hands, swimming, drinking.

Avoiding cold weather and extreme temperatures during the winter months is essential if you suffer from this condition.

Wrapping up sensibily during these months is vital. One thing you can do is change location if you can by staying with relatives or friends in a less cold climate.

Solar Urticaria:

Solar urticaria (SU) is an uncommon and very rare condition indeed. When your skin is exposed to the UV radiation of the sun or occasionally to daylight it stimulates a hives response that can sometimes occur in both clothed and unclothed areas of your skin. Sometimes it’s mild and often times it can be quite urticaria effects

It’s problematic to correctly identify by dermatology experts because it’s symptoms are almost identical to other CU disorders like the ones we’ve listed here. This makes it even harder to come up with an exact solution. Sometimes even artificial light can be harmful.

Aquagenic Urticaria:

Sometimes the terms “water allergy”, “water urticaria” and “aquagenic pruritus” is used to describe this very rare form of urticaria. However it has been argued that this form does not develop a histamine discharging reaction from those who suffer from it. Instead it’s more of a intense skin attack after contact with water  which generates severe itching. A connection with lactose intolerance has been suggested with aquagenic urticaria and it seems it could possibly be a trigger in provoking an outbreak but more studies need to be conducted.allergy to water

There have been reports of respiratory problems too where the level of intensity is at high levels but these cases are seldom.High or low temperatures do not affect it’s outcome although there is not eneough data available to determine an exact answer.

Swimming in pools the ocean and bathing can have a huge impact on those who have AU and women more than men are at a much greater risk of developing AU.

Delayed Pressure Urticaria;

pressure urticaria triggersDelayed pressure urticaria is somewhat of an obscurity and is very difficult to accurately diagnose. Much more research is needed to identify the root cause of it. It has been linked to an autoimmune disease and mast cell sensitivity is thought to be an underlying factor in it’s frequent occurences.

Only some areas of the body which are exposed to a greater extent of pressure are known to trigger DPU reactions. For example wearing close-fitting clothing like, pullovers, trousers, belts, socks, shoes and various other types of related apparel can cause allergic responses. Allowing the surface area of the skin to breath naturally could be a essential requirement so choosing to wear loosely fit clothes could help you.

Many of these conditions form as the body becomes hypersensitive to heat or cold or any of the descriptions mentioned above. You will  experience intensely itchy skin and a prickly stinging sensation as it sets in. This can be very irritating and should be treated quickly. Sometimes these occurences can come in a combined form where you could be going through one or more of these instances throughout the day.

Let’s take a look at a few more triggers of CU.

What Causes Cholinergic Urticaria?:

• Overactive immune system- One of the reasons why this condition occurs is due to an overactive immune system. The immune system freaks out when it meets particular allergens.

• Sweating- Sweating leads to the outbreak of itchy patches in the skin, which eventually causes cholinergic urticaria. The spots are usually about 2 to 3 millimeters in size and they occur for around 20 minutes of stimulus. However, this can be experienced by sufferers for longer periods of time.

• Exposure to heat- A person is easily prone to the occurrence of cholinergic urticaria when he or she is exposed to heat such as smoking or extreme chilly conditions.

• Stress and anxiety- When you experience stress and tension, this condition can easily trigger cholinergic urticaria. Since, stress and tension is associated with sweating, you can experience the skin condition at any time when you  feel stressed out.

• Allergens found on certain food- Another cause of this skin condition is with some food that contains allergens. When you consume foods with allergens, you can also experience the occurrence of cholinergic urticaria.

As soon as you are aware of the various causes of cholinergic urticaria it can be possible to prevent the said skin condition from happening to you. However, there are rare incidents at times when these causes can occur without warning.

At least, you are now aware of how to identify the problem if you are suffering from it with the hints above. The next best thing that you can do is to apply the appropriate treatment, in order to alleviate the condition.

There are many remedies for cholinergic urticaria, but the best treatments for this skin condition are natural remedies because they are totally safe and readily available at home. In addition, natural treatments are inexpensive, so there is no need to spend too much money.

Natural Remedies For  Cholinergic Urticaria:

As we mentioned at the beginning, Dr Gary M. Levin’s step by step program is just one course of natural treatment that you can take to heal your cholinergic urticaria.

His program is based around a healthy natural drink and a unique vitamin diet. It’s explained in step by step detail and is very comprehensive based on his own findings and extensive 30 year knowledge of treating patients with cholinergic urticaria and hives.

As we’ve mentioned above this is not the only option available to you. There also unique vitamins that can help that you can try through foods and supplements that are natural and drug-free without harsh side-effects.

Vitamins That Can Help Alleviate Histamines Naturally:


reduce histamine levelsA natural flavonoid which are plant pigmentations that are water-soluble and can be found naturally in apples, onions and broccoli, leafy veggies and also green tea. Quercetin can naturally prevent histamine release which is different from using a histamine blocker which really doesn’t directly attack the histamine from occurring but just stops it from releasing.

In general quercetin helps the entire body make-up with anti-aging, skin repair and vastly improves the functioning of the capillaries and blood circulation. Reduces respiratory problems, heart disease and of course inlammation.

You should always use your own due dilligence on the amount you should take. Keeping it under 300-400mg a day should be adequate with no unexpected side-effects.

Vitamin C

As a natural antihistamine vitamin c is one of the best you can get. It’s available in many fruits and vegetables like, oranges, blueberries, cabbage and broccoli. These are just a few but there are many more. It naturally reduces the histamine in your blood without side-effects


The main benefit of Bromelain is that it can speed up the absorption process of quercetin andmany other bioflavoniods. It’s a powerful anti-inlammatory enyzme that’s extracted from pineapples that also helps food digestion and arthritis.

If you are suffering very intense and severe hives urticaria then a combination of these vitamins
together can have a powerful synergistic effect.

Urtica Dioica – Stinging Nettle Leaf

Stinging nettle leaf goes back centuries and is renowned for it’s unique herbal attributes.

The leaf is packed with iron, beta-carotene, magnesium, calcium, protein and to round it off it also has quantities of vitamins B, A and C.

It’s natural antihistamine properties can help not only reduce inflammation but can also help sinus and allergy problems. And as a diuretic the leaf root can also help prostate problems as well as high BP.

Below are some of the  tips we suggest that you can also try. Please keep in mind that these suggestions won’t cure your cholinergic urticaria overnight but they will help you:

• Herbal and natural drinks- There are a wide variety of herbs that could effectively treat your skin condition. These herbal remedies can help speed up the recovery time and also alleviate the itchiness and skin irritation. Some of the herbs that you can  apply are Forsythia extract and Paeonia. These herbs are commonly found in dietary supplements and drinks. Green tea juice has also been proven to treat hives because it contains antihistamine properties. It is very effective in reducing the rashes and relieves itchy skin.

• Sea salt- A simple home remedy you can use to treat hives is sea salt. Mix 6 grams of sea salt to a glass of warm water and drink the solution to get instant relief. This remedy is effective in treating the skin condition, but some people have found that it can make them feel a little nauseous and it has made them vomit at times, so it’s best to be careful if you have a very sensitive stomach. In addition, sea salt is good in eliminating bad toxins and can help you with digestive problems.

Please Note The Food Suggestions In The Video Below May Not Be For Everyone

• Cornstarch and baking soda- Baking soda and cornstarch can be added to your bath to help reduce the inflammation. This can also help you relax when taking a bath because it stops the skin irritation and itchiness.

• Cayenne pepper-Natural cayenne pepper can be applied in the affected area of your skin and it would aid in reducing inflammation, as well as the other urticaria symptoms. There are also cayenne peppers found in capsules, but it is best recommended to use cayenne pepper in its natural form because it is 100% natural and safe.

• Cold compress- You can also apply cold compress when you start feeling an outbreak of hives. For a soothing feeling, you can add essential oils or herbs so that the healing process is faster. Just ensure to use a clean cloth to prevent further skin irritation. Simply apply the solution onto your skin and leave it for a few minutes.

Here are some prevention tips that you can employ so that you can manage the occurrence of the Urticaria skin condition:

• Stress Management- Stress is one of the triggering factors of cholinergic urticaria; therefore, it is essential to handle stress appropriately. Stress management is an excellent option to consider when the skin condition is caused by anxiety, tension and anger. When you can prevent too much stress, you can stop the skin condition to occur. Listen to your favorite music or read something pleasant to calm and relax yourself.

• Assess your diet- Various foods cause the occurrence of cholinergic urticaria, so you should keep a close eye on the food you consume. Spicy foods can elevate your temperature, so you have to be aware of eating them. Hot food and beverages can also increase your temperature, most especially when you consume them quickly. When you are aware of the foods that could trigger the skin condition, you can aviod those foods and find alternatives. Notice which foods affect you the most, keep a diary and make a note of them so you don’t forget the next time. And make a note of the foods that you eat that have a reduced impact on your skin condition.

• Avoid too much physical activities- Physical activities are good for your health, but too much of these could also lead to cholinergic urticaria. It would be advised to have light physical activities to prevent this condition to happen.

• Avoid extreme temperatures- Environmental temperature change is one of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to Urticaria. Avoid too much hot temperatures outside because this could cause you cholinergic urticaria. If you do need to go out find a route with cool shades and spots where you can momentarily relax on your journey.

We hope you can see that by being knowledgeable about the causes, prevention tips and natural home remedies, you can take positive measures to eventually overcome your skin condition.

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It goes without saying that prevention makes a whole lot of sense when dealing with this kind of condition , but if it does occur, just apply the appropriate home remedy to treat the condition and be patient as anything that’s a natural solution can and does take time. Home remedies are natural and safe, and they are considered to be the best treatments for cholinergic urticaria you can apply.


82 thoughts on “Natural Cholinergic Urticaria & Hives Treatment”

  1. Thanks for your patience to answer all the questions asked here.

    I have been struggling with Cholinergic urticaria for past 5 years, Initially i was not aware what the hell is this, i have been consulted with many Dcotor’s in my town nobody able to tell me the name of the disease and diagnosed it. After serious of surfing on Internet i found the Allergy name.
    Initially have Itching, burning sensation on my Back, hands only, but now it is spreading thru out the body which includes leg, buttocks, face , neck etc. Though itching,burning on legs, hands comes only occasionally ( Exercise,long walk,sun,stress) But in buttocks it is constant,never goes. It is really horrible feeling, feel like hell.
    Sorry for my english.

    • Hello, Ameer

      It’s really sad to hear about the
      suffering you are going through.

      After a lot of research we’ve realised
      that some forms of CU are really too
      intensive to the point of being unbearable.
      Like what you are currently experiencing.
      And that’s why a stronger approach is required.

      We are researching other forms of treatments
      like using powerful and natural supplements
      that can help alleviate the pain and that
      “horrible feeling” as you quite rightly point out.

      We’re trying to add products that are safe and
      really effective with the right natural ingredients
      that have a good success rate.

      Even though we recommend certain products we
      realise we aren’t always able to get it right.

      It really depends on each individual and their
      unique background and how the products or
      treatments work for them.

      We’re researching more treatments and products at
      the moment. Hopefully we’ll find something really
      effective that can really help you and the many
      others who are going through this.

      In the meantime you can try some of the tips and
      suggestions here.

      Thank you for your kind words at the


  2. I am a working professional and i hd urticeria during childhood bt it came back again in 2008. I went for allergist nd he prescribd montek lc which ws helping me for long. For few years it again went now i moved to a coastal indian region in again making my lif hell my lips swell n feelng my job in hands n legs itch n swell due to prolonged sitting in ac.i m in great depression plz help me.

    • Hello, Himanshu

      The swelling you describe seems it could be
      symptoms of angioedema. You’d have to run
      a complete diagnosis with your doctor to
      be absolutely sure about this. It probably
      isn’t but making sure can eliminate the

      The only difference is that the swelling is
      mainly beneath the skin if it is angioedema.
      With hives it’s on the surface of the skin.

      Sometimes we aren’t aware of this but other
      medications we take can sometimes actually
      cause the swelling and itching. If you’re
      on anti-inflammatory drugs or blood pressure
      medicines this can have a snowball effect
      and can cause allergic reactions creating huge
      spikes in histamine releases.

      It’s also very important to check yourself
      for auto-immune disorders like Hashimoto’s.

      Because you’ve suffered from an early
      age, and if you’ve had outbreaks spread
      over a couple of years which have lasted
      over more than 6 weeks you probably
      could be suffering from
      CIU – Chronic idiopathic urticaria.

      If this is the case then there’s a strong
      connection between CIU and Hashimoto’s from
      growing research and recent studies.

      Nearly over 40% of people with CIU already
      have a autoimmune condition. Both Hashimoto’s
      and CIU can develop at the same time. And
      it maybe the cause of the recent swelling
      you’ve been going through.

      These could be some of the reasons that
      are causing you discomfort. They’re
      definitely worth checking out with your
      doctor to be sure as quickly as you can
      as sometimes these conditions can be
      life threatening.

      We hope this helps and things get better
      for you.


  3. Thank you for your attention
    I have this uc .. My question is this . If I start doing swearty exercises for a while and withstand the itch too .. Wld i be able to reduce the symptoms by releasing toxins..

    • Hello, Martin

      Thanks for your question.

      Yes, you can release toxins through
      exercise and it could help you reduce

      There are rare instances where people have
      used this technique with positive results.

      Your sweat glands release histamines and
      can temporarily lower your hives reactions.

      But be very careful not to overdo any physical
      activity as this can lead to “exercise-induced
      anaphylaxis” which can be life threatening.

      Here’s a suggestion you can consider
      that doesn’t involve intensive exercise.

      You can simply double the amount of clothing
      you wear while jogging or just walking.
      You will then be able to sweat faster and
      release toxins without the need for a tense

      Remember to always consult your doctor for
      guidance and make sure your family and
      friends are all aware of any exercise routines
      you’re thinking of trying or are doing.

      Hope this helps.


  4. I am a 17 years old boy…
    My life has become a bane due to this…i live in a very hot region …and due to this problem…. I am just un bearable to even myself. I cant handle stress even for a sec. As then the problem occur…i have no medication as I live in a small city and no doctor even know about this problem is getting worse…i am feeling very down and helpless in life…….life seems to be hello….
    I will be very greatful to all of you guys if you plz suggest me some medication or some good home remedies….plzzzz!!!

    • Hello, Shivam

      There are some useful herbs which should
      be commonly available where you are
      that you can use to at least reduce
      the discomfort you are going through.

      Curcumin, a compound from turmeric, can
      help you fight and reduce the inflammation
      of the body.

      About half a tablespoon can be mixed
      with boiling water, leave it for at least
      10-15 minutes, let it gently cool down until
      it’s slightly warm. You can then apply it

      Another good anti-inflammatory herb is neem.
      It’s leaves can be boiled in water. Once you
      have the boiled water you can then take the
      water and use it when you have a bath.
      It can soothe and lessen the skin

      You can also check our video on aloe vera
      where you will find more helpful tips.

      Try not to feel down, if you can find
      a good herbal specialist near you he
      or she can guide you with more advice.

      Always be careful and patient when trying
      natural remedies. Start off slowly and see
      how your body reacts, and then continue
      further if it’s making a difference.

      Hope this helps


  5. Hello, so one day during winter break(December) I decided to do my insanity workout because I was planning to get back in shape by the time I went to school, and 3 mins into the work out I experienced an itch that ive never experienced, at first I thought it was because I didnt put on lotion that day (I have dry skin) but then around that week I went to the store and I had a sweater on and when I went to exchange the item I got all hot all of the sudden and experienced another itch attack. Ive noticed that my other inches since then have been in related to heat. I cant work out anymore, cant do many things outside when its really sunny. It sucks. And I was wondering if excersicing through the itch will help it fade away in time? Or maybe detoxing?..thank you

    • Hello, Jeff

      It could be that the insanity workout
      during the winter months was a little
      too much for your immune system to take.

      Sometimes under a lot of pressure it
      can freak out causing histamine

      If you take performance supplements
      to help before the exercise, combined
      all together it could have set off
      allergic reactions.

      See how your body reacts and see if
      the itching is fading or still very
      intense if you try a less intensive

      I know that this is huge step back
      from the insanity workout, but a
      good brisk walk of about 20 or
      30 mins a day can be a good alternative
      and just as effective health wise.

      You mentioned that you have dry skin.
      Lotions can help but it’s important
      to know that dry skin can also be a
      sign of a lack of omega-3 fat in your
      diet. This can naturally balance the
      fat in our skin and help prevent the
      dehydration of cells and increase
      moisture levels.

      You could also try a detox to flush
      out toxins and lessen the itching, see
      how it goes.

      If the itching does continues though
      you should see a doctor.

      Hope this helps


    • Thanks Michael, I feel its getting worse, as in I getting it easier than before(the itching and bumps in my skin). Is it possible im getting more sensible? I forgot the mention that my brother (we’re twins but not identical) when I told him I had this problem he thought I was being dramatic but then one day in January at the gym he got and itch sensation all over his body and he said that ge thinks he has what I have, he’s experiences it whenever he goes to the gym, but I dodnt think he has it as bad as I do, because whenever I get beyond anxious or somewhat angry I feel the itching sensation and the bumps come out and show on around my wrist. But um do you think its genetic or just a coincidence that my brother has it too but not had bad as me?

      • Hello, Jeff

        There are some incidences where cu has been
        detected with family members. You may want
        to do a little digging and look up your own
        family history and see if your parents or
        grandparents have had breakouts.

        Although there does need to be more concrete
        research on the subject of genetics and it’s
        connection with cu . It may be a overlooked
        and important factor.

        Stress and anger can trigger sudden rashes.
        Chamomile tea can alleviate small tensions
        and anxious moods and you can also add it
        to a soothing mild bath.

        Adjusting room temperature could help but
        you would have to see how this affects you

        Keep in mind though, when you walk from a cold
        environment your house for example, to a
        warmer one, you have to give your body the
        time to naturally be acclimated to the
        sudden difference in temperatures.

        Doing this on an ongoing basis
        could really affect the balance
        of your immune system and could
        be causing the rashes you are
        having to some degree.

        If you are in any doubts and are unsure
        of anything you can always see a doctor
        for his/her advice.

        We hope this helps


  6. Hello,
    I am suffering CU. I take hydroxyzine HCL 25 mg at night and cetrizine HCL at morning. but it doesn’t cure me. within few day my CU goes extreme condition . then I need to take prednisolone 80 mg . it is very much frustating cause i am a working lady and my everyday life is become a hell. Today I’ve heard that eating only fruits and taking bath with epsom salt three time a week can stop this rashes easily. can you please give me suggestion about this. can I drink epsom salt with a glass of water?

    • Hello, Syeda

      Epsom salt baths do have many benefits
      It’s also identified technically as a
      pure mineral of sulfate and magnesium

      Because these properties can naturally
      be absorbed through the skin with salt
      baths they are known to reduce inflammation
      and could possibly limit the rashes you are
      suffering from.

      These baths can also balance
      over 300 enzymes in the body as well as
      benefit heart and circulatory health.

      One of the main reasons why many people
      use it is to have a detoxifying bath
      to flush out toxins and metallic substances
      from the body. This should really help your
      overall immune system.

      However you should be very careful if
      you intend on drinking Epsom Salt with

      Drinking it can help cleanse the liver
      and it can also be a good alternative
      laxative. But we can’t be certain it
      will help reduce your CU.

      As of writing this, the RDA of magnesium
      is about 300 and 400 mg. A tablespoon of
      Epsom salt contains over 3.2 grams of

      Drinking too much could lead to chronic
      diarrhea and breathing trouble if you
      develop a magnesium toxicity through
      the salt.

      If you suffer from abdominal problems,
      kidney problems or are pregnant you
      really shouldn’t be drinking it.

      This doesn’t apply to bath remedies

      Please always refer to your doctor before
      you try any methods especially when you
      are taking medications.

      We hope this helps


  7. Hello,
    I’m 25 yr old male, my type of CU is a very confusing type. I started experiencing CU 10 years ago, at first it happened for 3 years “especially during the summer”, then it stopped for the next 4 years, only for it to start again 3 years ago until now, but this time it happens “especially during the winter”.
    For the 3 times I have gone to see different doctors, their reports and advice are different. The 1st said it’s seasonal allergy, the other said it is sea food allergy, the other said it is psychological.
    Having found this site, now I feel so confident that if I practice the natural remedies for CU, it will stop permanently.
    But I just want to ask if there is any recommended bath soap and body cream/lotions that helps prevent CU?

    • Hello, Peter J

      CU is so hard to accurately predict as to
      what type an individual can have. You’re
      experiences clearly demonstrate that
      fact and it’s so unfortunate that you
      and many people have to go through all this.

      As far as we know there aren’t any specific
      topical applications that can prevent CU

      But there are many creams and lotions
      that can ease the itching and burning
      sensation that comes from it. You can
      find many of these types of products
      on amazon. Look for organic and natural
      types of these.

      Our post on cold hives may also be
      helpful to you as it’s got good simple
      tips for the winter time.

      Also, don’t forget to read the comments
      and tips left by readers who’ve taken the
      time to contribute and also help.

      Hope this helps


  8. Age 22 yrs; punjab, INDIA
    Suffering from urticaria since 2009.
    Rashes(small swelling portions) occurs and itching also
    Problem occurs on any part of the body:
    1. When body gets warmed up
    2. Sweating while playing or exercise
    3 in winter when exposed to a sun heat it feels like pins are pinched on my body.
    4. Interaction with cold air.
    5. Travelking on bike in rain.
    please help me out of this severe irritation. Even i cant perform any workout. Or exercise.

    • Hello, Samar

      You seem to have cold-induced urticaria
      as well which is unfortunate as your
      already suffering from hives reactions
      from physical activity too.

      Cold hives is a rare condition that takes
      time to understand and treat. However many
      people suffer from this condition through
      the winter months, children as young as
      3 or 4, teenagers right through adults
      breakout with rashes due to interaction
      with the cold.

      Try to avoid cold drinks and consumption
      of cold served foods, even ice-cream. Wear
      protective clothing if you really need to
      go outside.

      Where you can, try to increase your
      intake of vitamin D through diet choices.
      This could help bring your immune system
      into balance.

      Please read our post and very helpful
      comments left by readers on our cold
      urticaria post for more information
      and tips.

      And please make sure your doctor or
      relatives are fully aware of your
      condition. An anaphylactic reaction
      is the last thing you want to go through.

      Hope this helps


  9. hello sir,
    i am a 26 years old male…whenever i excercise or get out in the sun..suddenly there is a lot of pricking sensation in my whole body.. suddenly my skin becomes red and there is lot of itching in my whole body …Is this Cholinergic Urticaria..I have this problem for the past ten years .It occurs always in winter season..What should I do

    • Hello, Jeet

      Many people seem to suffer in winter
      time only from this condition. It’s
      most probably some form of “cold urticaria”

      Although you should see a professional
      dermatologist to determine the exact
      cause and the appropriate action you
      need to take. I’m assuming that you’ve
      already done this as you’ve been
      suffering for a very long time now.

      We have a post on cold urticaria which
      gives useful tips that you may want to
      consider trying.

      There’s one common trait that seems to
      re-occur every time with this condition
      and that’s a vitamin D deficiency.

      If you try to steadily increase your
      intake of vitamin D through food and
      diet choices, with the guidance of
      your doctor, this may be helpful for

      Sakshi had a similar problem recently
      and was diagnosed with a lack of
      vitamin D.

      You can read the comments below on
      some food suggestions that could help
      you too.

      Hope this helps.


      • Thank you so much sir….i went to the doctor 2 years back ..but he said it was a seasonal allergy..there is nothing to worry ..he told me to eat foods that are cool in nature..he told me not to eat foods like eggs that are hot in he did not prescribed any medications for it.

        Thanks sir

        • You’re welcome, Jeet.

          It’s good that you’re trying a natural
          approach with the help of your doctor
          through diet.

          Hope all goes well.


  10. Hello Everyone!!

    I just have one question…
    My CU triggered anaphlactic shock twice and then I was admitted to hospital and was detected with Vitamin D deficiency.
    So can vitamin D deficiency be a cause of cholinergic urticaria??

    • Hello, Sakshi

      Recent studies have found that a lack
      of vitamin D can bring out symptoms of

      Vitamin D brings the immune system cells
      together, making them work more efficiently.
      And it is known to help reduce inflammation
      as well as help the body maintain, absorb
      and balance calcium levels.

      There are two types of vitamin D
      and they are vitamin D2 and D3.

      Vitamin D3 is generally regarded as the main
      part of our immune system and we can get it
      naturally almost everyday through exposure
      to the sun. But it can be difficult to obtain
      in winter months and depending on where you
      live in the world.

      Vitamin D3 can also be found in cod liver oil,
      oily fish like sardines and salmon.

      And you can source vitamin D2 from orange juice
      and fortified milk. You can also try low-sugar
      cereals and natural whole grain foods to help
      with your vitamin D deficiency.

      We hope these tips are helpful.


  11. I have been having CU for the past 1year i tried alot of antihistamines but soon my body did not respond to them as they had earlier started.I consulted various dermatologists but eventually the disease just never dissapears.Then i discovered intense work outs mostly daily 12reps push ups 50 per set.At first doing these workouts made me feel the inflammation and the itch was nothing like ive felt but after a week i adjusted and i can know be in sunlight or any hot enviroment and not breakout into hives.I would recommend this to anyone i doubted it at first but its the best antidote that ive experienced.

    • Hello, Chris

      Thanks for sharing this.

      An exercise routine is a great way
      you’ve found that can help release
      the toxins in your body. It’s working
      for you and that’s really good news.

      We hope it can benefit others too.

      As a precaution and freindly reminder
      to anyone reading this. When trying
      various techniques and tips mentioned
      here please always consult your doctor
      or specialist or a family member.


  12. Hello, to start with, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I feel like it could be CU. I am a 22years old black male. can u help me if I tell you my symptoms? I hope so pls!
    To start with, it’s winter, I can’t shower with a cold water so I shower with hot water but immediately I get out of the bath tub, my body starts to itch, like a pin is pinching me. It starts with my legs and goes up to the back of my knee, my abdomen, chest, back and neck even sometimes my face. I searched a lot on the internet but couldn’t find help. That’s one, secondly, my body itch so bad when I feel hot or turn on the room heater. My skin is flaky, dry, and discolored. My inner elbow is now so black if u look at it u will immediately know I have been scratching it. My back has also been discolored. It’s so black and dry. My laps scratches me too, and it’s red with many dots like pimples. All my body scratches me basically. Head too, I swear even as I’m typing this I’m scratching so bad. I hate this feeling pls somebody help me. Pls

    • Hello, David

      Sometimes when we take a shower or bath we
      often have an allergic reaction to the soaps
      and the body washes we commonly use.

      Many of these can contain harsh chemicals, or if
      you frequently change them during the month this
      can cause allergic reactions to your skin when
      each application’s chemical ingredients combine
      with one another.

      A really hot shower can develop unwanted
      scratching as well. A lukewarm shower maybe
      more suitable for you.

      In some instances it’s been found that when drying
      off with a towel, laundry detergent left on them,
      from a recent wash can react with your skin’s pores
      after a shower when they are at their most vulnerable
      and sensitive. This can cause severe itching.
      Try waiting a while after a shower and then dry
      off with a thoroughly rinsed dry towel.

      Dry skin can affect you according to many different
      factors, such as your location, weather, and age
      as well.

      From what you’re experiencing though it seems
      like a mild case of hives, but I could be wrong.

      You can only be sure with a proper diagnosis
      with a professional doctor, a one on one
      examination especially if you are starting to
      see red spots developing.

      Try drinking more water than usual so you can
      flush out the toxins that maybe causing you to
      itch and eat more fruits, they can help eliminate
      toxins as well.

      Read our post on skin inflammation and how
      aloe vera can help reduce the swelling and

      If the itching persists you really should
      visit your doctor and start treatment.

      Hope this was of help to you.


  13. For about a month now I’ve been getting extremely itchy whenever my body temperature rises to a certain point. I’ve noticed a few small red bumps widely scattered across the areas where I get itchy, but the bumps themselves are not itchy or irritated in any way. Also, the bumps don’t seem to appear due to the itching, but rather the scratching; almost as if they’re just little wounds. It makes me hesitant to call them hives. I’m not sure if this is CU since I haven’t yet consulted a doctor. But when I search for “itchy when hot” or “itchy when body temperature rises,” virtually every conclusion brings me back to CU. Are there any other conditions that could explain what I’m going through, or is CU the only condition that makes one itchy upon an increase in body temperature? And how can a condition that doesn’t produce hives be considered urticaria if urticaria means hives?

    • Hello, Kem

      Are you taking any sort of medication? It could be for a flu or cold,
      anything simple like that you might have had recently?

      Sometimes medication can cause the body temperature to rise and cause an
      allergic reaction due to your body’s sensitivity and defense systems.
      A skin rash can develop through different types of medications. OTC
      or prescribed combinations could be a cause.

      Skin inflammation, or eczema is another possibility but that seems
      very unlikely. Another possibility could be a heat rash.

      This develops when the sweat glands of the skin are unable to release
      sweat naturally to the surface of the skin because they maybe hindered
      for some reason. This can cause a sensitive reaction and inflammation
      can occur as the sweat is caught under the surface of the skin.
      Red bumps are a clear sign of a heat rash.

      Sometimes it’s really very difficult to determine the exact root
      cause of urticaria as there are so many definitions of it relating
      to different conditions.

      Definitely visit the doctor though and get a thorough diagnosis.
      A physical examination will be very beneficial and constructive.

      We hope this information is helpful.


  14. i m suffering from cholinergic urticaria from the past 6 years and now when i get exposed to sun i got a small white bumps it is not itchy and it disappears after i went into cold area.really is this a life threatning disease.

    • Hello, Rahul

      Cholinergic urticaria is not life threatening.

      There are many types of urticaria including
      physical urticaria sometimes known as
      exercise induced anaphylaxis.

      This can be dangerous, it’s a combination
      of a food allergy and prolonged physical
      activity, like running.

      As long as you don’t have hypersensitive
      reactions to your respiratory tract you
      should be okay.

      Always, always see your doctor or specialist
      if in doubt, especially if you are having
      breathing problems with cholinergic urticaria.

      Hope this helps


  15. I’m 23 yrs old mother of a 3yrs old child.ihave this cholinergic kind of allergy from past 13 yrs.I get red itchy bumps almost all over of bodys and makes me my body warm as if i have fever all these happens when i get extreme emotional whether happy or sad.expose to sun,heat or extreme cold.even physical activities,anger and stressed.all these make me irritating and freaks me out and i feel gynecologist have suggested me to reduce weight by brisk walking,as i have got thyroid frm past 2 months.please suggest me get rid of happens to me any time makes me feel low and down.

    • Hello, Sarah

      You may be suffering from a combination of things.
      It could be chronic idopathic urticaria and
      hashimotos – which is a autoimmune disease
      that affects the thyroid gland.

      Your specialist or doctor can tell you for
      sure. Hashimotos is also linked to Graves’
      disease which also affects the thyroid.

      If you can diagnose and manage your thyroid
      problem this may be able to help reduce the
      red itchy bumps, fever and stress.

      We’ve posted a PDF link fact sheet
      that goes into much more detail on
      hashimotos above it’s very helpful.

      We hope this is helpful and things
      get better for you.


        • And whenever i get attack of this allergy my head gets heavy and kind off wheezing feel in my throat… And later make me feel tired and weak.

        • Hi, Sarah

          As this blog is more focused on natural remedies
          and solutions we tend to be careful of instant
          relief type solutions.

          But we understand people struggle in coping with
          this condition and want fast relief and have no
          choice sometimes.

          We have a post on antihistamines and some suggestions
          in the video section above. We think it may be helpful
          for you.


        • Hi Michelle, i wanna know best diet what to and what to avoid according to my health issue. I get itching and heatness all the time from the time winter have started please suggests some moisturizers lotion and soap.

          • Hello, Sarah

            You can download the PDF below on hives rashes.
            It gives good general advice on what types
            of food you may want to avoid in your diet.
            Just find the helpful resources section, it’s
            the first link.

            Nuts and fish are just a few of the foods you
            may want to consider slowly coming off. But
            remember, always note what kind of reaction
            you are getting physically when taking these

            Vitamin C is a great natural resource for dry
            and itchy skin and a lack of it can result in
            inflammation. You can try foods like oranges, broccoli
            and grapefruit to ease the itching. These are just a few
            examples, there are many good sources of vitamin c
            rich foods out there.

            Try to lessen the usage of soap, especially harsh soaps.
            A good natural cleanser is aloe vera gel, if you navigate
            to the right and click on the skin inflammation post
            we have a good general guide and video on how to use aloe
            vera gel for inflammation as a natural cleanser.
            Olive oil is another good natural cleanser you
            may want to look for in a product.

            Hydrocortisone cream can treat inflammation but it
            does come with side effects and should be prescribed by
            your doctor even though it is available otc.

            Please always use your own due diligence when
            trying different alternatives as everyone has
            a unique body chemistry that reacts differently
            when trying new methods.

            We hope this was helpful



    • I’ve had it all my life. I have tryed everything from foods, to cold compresses. Finally I found the only thing that works for me is allegra. I take 50mg pill in the morning and I am good all day. I’ve tryed zertec, benadryl and other pills but you soon get immune to them. The allegra doesn’t make me drozy. Before this I’ve done allergy tests, food test, mood tests, and noone could tell me anything.. Try it and see if it works… If that’s too expensive try fexofendine (generic)

      • Thanks for sharing, Evan.

        To all visitors of this blog, please make sure
        you consult your doctor/specialist before trying
        any antihistamines.


  16. Hello! I’ve been suffering a lot this past few days. It’s been 3 years since i had this skin allergy. It only happened whenever the weather is too cold but this time, when i went to a place which is so hot, this skin allergy attacked me and it got worse. I mean, i have now big patches and it took weeks before my skin back to normal. Please help me! I am really down these days since i have these reddish patches all over my face. These distracted me from my studies. I believe I am suffering from physical urticaria…thank you!

    • Hello, Princess

      It seems like you are suffering from different types of urticaria as it
      definitely can be provoked by warm and cold climates. But the only way you
      can be certain is through proper diagnosis. There are so many forms of urticaria
      it’s really hard to pinpoint the exact one as each has it’s own definition.

      The red patches sometimes referred to as “weals” are the histamines
      releasing because of allergic reactions in the immune system.
      Try testing the foods you eat, before and after a reaction.
      Fish, eggs even chocolate could be triggering unwanted reactions.

      It’s understandable you will be stressed out by this, physical stress
      can lead to anxiety which really doesn’t help at all. Anything that
      causes pressure to the skin like wrist-watches, glasses even tight
      clothing can affect the skin. Even jewellery in some cases.

      You can download the really helpful PDF just above in our
      resources section for more information. Stay positive,
      remember, your skin is affected by urticaria, not your mind and will.

      We hope this helps


  17. i am suffering from this dieses since last 2 years i take various treatment i;e ayurvedic and alopethic and homyopethic i didnt relief in this dieses . i have very much itch and hives occour at any time please give me some suggestiaon

    • Hello, Anand

      Have you tried adjusting your diet? It
      could help you.

      There are certain foods that can bring
      on an attack of hives from the chemicals
      in them.

      Vasoactive amines are found in foods like
      pineapple, tomatoes and fish and can cause
      histamines to discharge.

      If you eat a lot of these types of foods
      you could pick out one or two of them and
      see which ones could be affecting you and
      then gradually come off them.

      We hope this suggestion is helpful.


  18. hey admin am david from Malawi and am 21.I developed cholinergic urticaria last year.It troubled me for about 2 months before it stopped.However it started again last week.I feel very itchy when am exposed to the sun or when am emotional whether am happy,sad or angry.We are opening school for the second semester next week so please help me quickly because it really freaks me out.

    • Hello, David

      It’s really important you try and stay positive, David.

      If the sun is triggering a breakout try your best to
      keep out of it until the discomfort eases.

      Read our post on “solar urticaria” this should
      help you if constant exposure to the sun is
      causing you unwanted itchiness.

      Always keep an eye on the things you
      eat in your diet, as they can be triggers.

      We hope this helps


  19. Hi my name is Carlo and I’m from The Philippines. Im 15 years old and I got chonilergic urticaria for 1 week. I think I got it from exercising. Theres a massive pink bumps on the side of my stomach. Its really itchy and I get disappointed whenever I see it. My school starts in 3 days please help me.

    • Hello, Carlo

      This is also called “exercise-induced urticaria”
      or “physically induced urticaria” both have the
      same meaning though.

      You should get in touch with a professional
      straight away if these symptoms persist.
      He or she can advise you on the best
      course of action.

      Here’s a tip you can try , note what you
      eat before you start a physical activity
      or exercise for a couple of weeks.

      If you notice a certain type of food you
      eat is causing an allergic reaction when
      you exercise you can stay away from it.

      We hope this helps


  20. Hi, Am 23 years old and i think am suffering from this condition. At my childhood stage, it was due to the metallic contacts like watches that causes hives & extreme scratching on my hand. Later it was due to pastries & creams. I already avoided creamy foods & now am facing a serious challenge. As it is clear now i have a sensitive skin, am now getting frequent hives & rashes with increased body temperature when am at work & their occurs a temperature difference, especially when its hotter. The remedy i use is by appyling salt solution to the areas and after 15-20 minutes of suffering i will get relieved from it, but it takes usually 2-3 hours to get my face & other regions in old form. I just entered into a job and i find this as a career threatening factor as my job demands good exposure to sun. Please provide me some precautionary tips to avoid this condition.

    • Hello, Rahul

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      There’s a condition known as “nickel allergy”
      that could possibly be triggering the condition.
      Although you would need a complete diagnosis
      from a trained professional for this to be

      As you’ve pointed out that metallic contacts
      like watches caused you hives from your
      childhood, this could still be a relevant
      factor, and it might not even be cholinergic
      urticaria at all. Just a possibility.

      Basically, a nickel allergy can be caused
      by wearing a necklace, jewelry in most
      instances. Nickel can be found in eyeglass
      frames, coins, and even cell phones.

      A nickel allergy can also make you breakout in
      severe rashes and cause itching and redness.

      Because there are so many forms of hives
      and urticaria it can become difficult to
      focus on the main underlying reason and
      what the actual root cause is. It’s really
      down to your own best judgment.

      We hope this helps you. You can also try
      our skin care tips in our skin inflammation post.
      And always keep an eye on your diet and notice
      which foods could be causing you to develop
      rashes and avoid them.


  21. hey there
    so i am a 16 year old from lahore, i have recently got this cholinergic urticaria (probably last year)….the thing is that i have asthma aswell so i am quite sure that this is infact linked with my asthma…..i get these uncontrollable hives whenever i excercise or i am in suffocation or when i am excited….with time the condition is getting worse….so i want to take care of it early on so that it doesn’t become much problem for me later in life… there any way i can reduce it’s effect?… it possible for me to get rid of this condition once and for all?……i will surely follow the tips you have given above and hopefully they benefit me…..just wanted to say thanks… is very reassuring to know that there are other people suffering from this condition aswell……and there are people like you who who are doing something for our betterment….:)

    • Hello, Fahad

      Thanks for your feedback, we really do appreciate it.
      Even though we don’t have all the answers, we try our best.
      You’ve mentioned some very important points.

      There are many people who have this condition or some
      form of it. And unfortunately it can isolate you at
      times into thinking you are the only one who’s suffering
      from it. It’s really important not to think this way
      as you tend to put limits on yourself and your everyday life.

      You could arrange to see a professional allergist, Fahad
      this could help you to identify any food allergies you may
      be having which might possibly be a underlying cause of
      the hives and could help you to reduce your hives reaction
      and maybe help with your asthma too.

      There are a number of ways to reduce and control cholinergic
      urticaria and hives reactions, it just really depends on your own
      unique circumstances and the treatment you adhere to. Always talk
      to your doctor for professional advice before deciding which
      route is best for you.

      We hope this helps


  22. for more than 8 years i am suffering from cholinergic urticaria when ever i bath on cold water my body itches and red circle appear after itching but when i bath on hot water in winter i feel good but cold water kill me its very bad to suffer from such disease but never give up contact doctor and GOD will help u
    admin why this occur after bathing on cold water? And it does not occur when i bath on hot water what is the reason?

    • Hello, Syed

      This is a difficult question to answer but it
      almost always refers back to your own immune
      system. It can react very differently to hot
      and cold climates.

      Recent research is showing that blood pressure
      can increase in colder temperatures, this could
      possibly be triggering the immune response to
      react erratically when you are near cold water
      but not when you are near warm water. Although
      there is no real scientific or proven evidence
      of this regarding cholinergic urticaria.

      As this is only a suggestion, always ask your
      doctor or medical professional for their guidance
      as they know you best.

      We hope things improve for you and anyone who
      is going through this condition.


  23. Hi there… well frm since last couple of months I ‘am auffring frm this soo called physical urticaria nd nw mostly during night times in these witnters . it use to attack me like an hell I’m so much depressed due to this freakin disease. . Please suggest me some home remedy for this.. I already consulted a doc nd he also prscribed me the medicines but as those medicines times got over the itchy monstr attakd me again.. nd nw im pissed of due to thes tons of medicines I’ve tken …. :(((( please help me..

    • Hello, Raj

      You can try the natural suggested tips on this blog.
      Physical urticaria or anything related is sometimes
      very difficult to properly diagnose and solutions
      are even harder to find.

      If you read the post on skin inflammation we
      give some tips on how you could use herbal
      remedies related to aloe vera to lessen the
      itching and skin inflammation.

      Hope this helps.


  24. i am 23rd and suffering this demon disease since 16, but only in winter, i continuously consulted dermatologists and take tons of drugs and become a experiment lab for some dermatologists, but still nothing seems better

    QAU, islamabad

    • Hello, Labboy

      This situation is so unfortunate and it must
      be very difficult for you.

      We will be adding more information to
      this site in a few weeks and hope it
      will be able to help you and many others
      in a similar situation.


  25. Thank you very much for such an illustrious presentation on cholinergic urticaria. I have this problem since I was 17, I’ll be turning 30 soon now and just a couple of weeks back I went to see Dermatologist as every year this problem occurred in winters only. Became unbearable during any physical activity, once exposed in heat (outdoor) and even in stationery position if I get excited this happens.

    Things you mentioned above specially herbal stuff isn’t readily available. However my doctor recommended me following tablets:

    Telfast 120mg morning
    Zatofen (ketotifen) night

    And also recommended me to have Fresh orange juice every morning.

    It’s been more than 10 days I’m doing what was prescribed by my doctor and the problem doesn’t seem to be going or even fading for that matter.

    I just want to know how long would it further take by following all of this or do I need to change what I’m doing?

    Ps: I live in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    • Hello, Hetfield
      Thank you for your comments and visiting our site.
      We really appreciate it.

      We advise everyone to follow their doctor’s prescription
      and advice. As they’ve personally diagnosed you they would
      know your unique circumstances better than anyone else.

      If you decide you need to change things then please ask
      your doctor first for his/her advice

      It’s very important to implement your prescription
      as prescribed by your doctor and complete it. This
      way you will know how effective it really is for you.
      And then you can decide if you need to make a change
      or not.

      We hope this helps


  26. The allergy doctor just called my son, 22 years old and told him he migth be suffering from cholinergic urticaria. He has been suffering from hives , diarrhea and vomiting after playing succer at the gym. But my question is: the vomiting and diarrhea is also the result of having cholinergic urticaria, or this illness ONLY gives you hives?
    Thank you!

    • Hello, Elsy Canas

      Thanks for your question.

      Whenever someone exercises or has a active workout, in this case
      your son after playing soccer at the gym, the body’s temperature
      rises which can trigger hives and on some rare occasions, vomiting.

      This is also known as “exercise urticaria” and “exercise allergy” which
      happens during physical activity. This type of symptom is connected
      with 2 types of diseases which are, cholinergic urticaria and
      exercise-induced anaphylaxis.

      When the body temperature rises, hives break out if you have cholinergic urticaria.
      But the important thing to be aware of however is exercise-induced anaphylaxis,
      this can be life-threatening and is not triggered by changes in body temperature.

      Keep in touch with your allergy doctor for further tests if
      they are necessary as early diagnosis can result in much faster
      and better solutions.

      We hope this information was helpful.


  27. Hi i am a 22year old dude from the Northern Cape province in South Africa i am diagnose with cholinergic urticaria for 8yrs i’ve been seing good dermatologists but still havent find cure cant u help me course am suffering i’ve even considered suicide.

    • Hello, Bryan

      We’re really sorry to hear about your long term illness of cholinergic urticaria.

      You’re still very young and you have you’re whole life ahead of you.
      Don’t even consider your last option as it’s NOT a solution.

      We can only provide you with information to help with your
      situation. If you haven’t already then we strongly suggest
      you try our recommended link from Dr Levin.

      Please don’t give up and believe in yourself.

  28. I am a 28 years boy.I have got a unique urticaria.When my body got heat or before sweating red itches appear to my whole body.After some time it disappear completely.I am taking cetrizen hidrocloride as complete cure possiable?what can I do ,Plz help me..I have been suffering from last 10 years.

    • I am really sorry to hear about your condition.

      I wish there was a simple answer to your question.
      As each individual has his/her own condition it’s
      hard to determine if a complete cure is possible.

      Do take your doctor’s advice though and some of the tips
      you find on this blog especially on the post “causes of hives”
      as this may be beneficial to you.

  29. How do you know if a child has this if they have been diagnosed with severe atopic eczema. I personally have never believed it was atopic as such but also the hospital have never explained that my daughter’s emotions would instantly flare her skin, she is very emotional and we feel this has a huge impact on her skin, so I was very interested to know how or if children are ever diagnosed with Cholinergic Urticaria and what is the difference between this and eczema? many thanks

    • I am sorry to hear about your daughter’s problem I sincerely hope she get’s better.

      As for children being diagnosed with cholinergic urticaria, I think the best way
      to explain this is that “cholinergic urticaria” is really a term used for hives after
      they develop from activities that increase the body’s temperature after exposure to warmth or heat.
      These activities could be things like, exercise, fever, using a hot tub or emotional stress.

      The main differences between cholinergic urticaria and eczema is that cholinergic
      urticaria show signs of red swollen areas on the skin whereas eczema is an allergic inflammatory
      condition of the skin, typically defined by dryness and flaking on the skin.

      I hope this helps.

    • I was just recently diagnosed with cholinergic uticaria and it took a reallly long time to figure out what was causing my break outs and it sent me to the hospital more then once because of swelling and anaphlactic shock. The only way to really be diagnosed is to go to a dermatologist.

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